Yarra Valley Bees offer a prompt swarm collection and  removal service, we ensure that the bee swarm is moved safely in a, bee hive, the swarm is then relocated appropriately. We service a large of number Melbourne's eastern suburbs and the Yarra Valley.  We have access to a group of beekeepers within the eastern suburbs and the Yarra Valley and offer quick swarm removal if the swarm falls within our catchment area 
[click map to enlarge], please contact us on 0428 339 452 to arrange for collection.


If you do find a bee swarm in your yard, it is important to contact Yarra Valley Bees promptly so that the swarm can be safely removed. If a swarm of bees is left for a too long, there is a good chance that the bees will find their way into a nearby wall cavity. Removing the bees from a wall cavity can result in more damage and expense than relocating the swarm from a tree or possum box.

Please remember that swarms are bees that are out looking for a new home, they are not out to attack people. However, it is important not to disturb the hive by spraying or throwing things at it, scared or angry bees are much more likely to pursue their harassers. It is best to leave the bee swarm alone while you contact an experienced beekeeper to come and collect the swarm.