If we are to save our honeybees from extinction, our highest priority must be in educating our children and empowering them to take responsibility for the caretaking and preservation of our natural world. We need to instill a sense of wonder and facilitate their attachment to both the flora and the fauna that makes up the natural balance in our environment.

Very young children have an innate connection to nature and the creatures that exist within it, it is up to us to encourage this connection in a positive but safe way. One way to do that is to bring it’s creatures to them in a safe and engaging way, thus dispelling any fear and instead encouraging them to respect and revere their place in the scheme of things. 

Watching small insects go about their everyday lives can be mesmerizing to your children – the busier the insect, the quieter the child – and what could be busier than a hive a bees industriously working away. Our incursions enable children of all ages to glimpse into the busy and fascinating lives of the honeybee, and start to understand and revere the important role that they play in our existence.

We offer the children a way to learn about these often unapproachable creatures, how they work together in a hive, the benefits that they bring to our gardens, and the delicious honey that they make.